Teenagers Behind The Wheel MAG

By LaTeika D., Wilmington, DE

   In Delaware you can receive a Learner's Permit if you are fifteen and ten months. I am now in the process of finishing driver education. In our state you are required to have seven hours of driving, complete the class, pass a final exam, pass the driving part and hand in a notebook complete with notes, work sheets, and classroom handouts. There is a lot of work involved.

In Paul's article he mentioned that a lot of his friends drive like maniacs. I agree. A lot of people, young and old, drive like maniacs. We can't put all the blame on the licensing system. We showed we were responsible and passed all requirements to receive a license. After we get it, we should continue to be responsible.

We, as teens, need to face our responsibilities. A license is not for showing off. Driving is not a test. One simple mistake can cost you your life. You can't change or correct a driving mistake.

Teens know the rules and laws, but somehow they think a license means you can drive at any speed. Teenage drivers are not "maniacs" because they don't know the laws. They're "maniacs" because they choose to be. When we make dumb decisions like that, we make adults think that we are not capable. We failed to apply our knowledge and make people question what we are being taught.

A car is not a big toy - it is a deadly weapon. So, if you choose to drive like a "maniac," you are risking your life and those of others. -

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