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Parking Lot War MAG

By Brian B., Gulfport, MS

   Immersed in the war that all drivers fight,

Rage mounts when I miss the one most in sight.

And death to him who dares go so far

As to steal the place that I chose for my car.

Pedestrians don't help when they dare be so bold

as to stroll in my path till the fashions grow old.

They surely don't feel that it's such a great crime

to pollute my route and take their sweet time.

Burning fuel, as I circle and circle all night

I hasten to park and perish this plight.

My car agrees with me and knows that I'm right.

Together our madness achieves a new height.

I'm proud of my baby when it thinks to sling mud,

and I promise it I'll satisfy its hunger for blood.

My patience has maxed! My devil has won!

They all should praise God that I don't have a gun!

Oh! how I'd plow through them all with great childish glee!

How much handicapped parking can there possibly be?!

My eyes turn psycho red, and I breathe heavily.

The "Driver's Rage Demons" have got hold of me!

But, then - I'll be doggone! Someone with no brain!

Did she do it on purpose? She must be insane!

She gave up to me a really good spot, then she smiled and she waved and

went on through the lot.

Did she know me at all? Was she a saint?

Who cares? Either way -

to the girl with a heart, a VERY nice day!

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i love this !

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