Inmann Middle School

May 1, 2008
here at inmann middle school everyone was a little differnt. and not just like dressing diffent or having diffent persalaties, no they were just crazy. see, there once was a boy named lucas and was a new studet there. it wasnt utill everyone made fun of him that they where all crazy, even teachers. gay-wod, werid-o, i hate you, they wold all say.but, one day while lucas was walking home(the most releving part of the day)he was jumped and was tooken to a old and abadon bulding. there he got beaten every day, untill he heard some nosie, not like the other nosies he heard. it was a person he try so hard to sceam, his jams where hearting so bad. unfortunily he was not found, and now he is dead, and he haunts the halls of inmann middle. some say it is a urban mith but i say it is real. so wacth out if you go to inmann, and if you dont, dont let it happen at your school, help save the person. too bad lucas didnt hold on just a little bit longer!

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