Fake Friends

April 28, 2008
I had the same best friend from third grade to sixth. I never figured she would drop me and start a new, but she fooled me. Her name is Jessica. She was pretty and really quite smart but she apparently didn’t see are friendship of being very bright.

Jessica had moved fifth grade. Even though she moved schools we were still the best of friends. In seventh grade is were it started to go down hill.

She started hanging out with the preps and the jocks. I’m a tom boy so I really don’t hangout or socialize with those kind of people. But I didn’t care because we still hung out, just not at lunch. Her birthday came around and so did one of my other friends. On the same night, Since I was her best friend I was obligated to go to hers.

That night she had invited her preppy
friend. I was fine with that, cause I was going to put up with it for Jessica's sake. Well her friend never showed up and come to find out she had went to the other party. Well there was only two of us that showed up. But it was still really fun.

Up at school her friend told her a different story that she was sick. We all new the truth but Jessica forgave her anyway. Jessica started hanging out with her preppy friend more and I rarely saw her. The preppy friend started telling Jessica lies that I was talking about her behind her back. Slowly Jessica started to believe her and while it all happened she started to change. From my tomboy friend to a person that was totaly diffrent.

One day I decided to tell her how she was acting. I wrote her a note:


I just wanted to tell you that I

haven’t really gotten to hang

out with you lately and I’m sorry

but you are becoming a little



Little did I know that writing her the truth would be so harsh. She got really mad at me so I asked her if she wanted to still be my friend. She said she had to think about it.

I decided that I would give her two weeks to make her decision.

Two weeks had came and gone,and she never gave me answer. I told her that she had to make a decision. She wrote me a note and gave it to me in between sixth and seventh period. In seventh period I decided to read it under the desk befor the bell rang.

We have both made new friends

and I don’t think we should really

be friends any more.


I burst out into tears. Right when the bell rang. I couldn't believe that she would ever say that. I decided to look at the note one more time to see if I was mistaken. It said the same thing, but it didn’t look like her hand writing. It looked like her preppy friend’s hand writing. I could not believe Jessica would let her friend write the note for her.

After school that day I decide I would get my CD's that I left at her house. I walked up to her and told her to her face that I would get them from herafter my mom got off of work.

I let one of my other friends to read the note that Jessica had supposable written to me. She agreed that the hand writing did not even look close to Jessica's hand writing.

When I went by her house that afternoon. Her grandma answered the door, she was nice and acted like everything would be fine. Jessica came in the room and handed them to me. Her little brother gave me a hug as I left. I got out to the car when I noticed that my Good Charlotte CD was not among the few she had given me.

I knocked on the door and this time she was the one that answered. "My Good Charlotte CD wasn't with the others. I think it was the last CD we listened to." She went back into her room and found the CD. Exactly where I told her it would be. I said good by to her brothers and her grandma. I was walking out the door when her brother tried to give me a video game. I told him it wasn’t mine and he said he wanted me to have it.

The rest of that school year went by really fast. And I still hadn't really gotten over not having a best friend at that time. So that summer I stayed home and didn’t really socialize with anyone. I thought about prank calling her sometimes but I never did.

In eight grade I didn’t really want to get close to anyone. Because I was scared that I was going to get hurt again. I finally decided to let it go and try to start over. She was my one of my closest friends while Jessica and I were fighting.

Soon rumors started going around that I was the one who stopped being Jessica's friend.I couldn't believe that Jessica started going around telling people that I was the one who stopped being her friend. I decided to just ignore her instead of spreading a rumor on her.

In science about a month later we had to make are own Atoms. Jessica named her's the Sadium. Because she was sad that I decided to stop being her friend.

At lunch my science teacher wanted to know why she was sad. So I told her the whole story about what happened. And how she was the one who made the choice.

I told Jessica that she was the one who made the decision to stop being my friend. I told her that I ruined my summer by getting over not having a best friend and now it was her turn to do the same.

Eight grade was coming to an end. And the teachers were trying to get us to schedule are classes for next year.

They brought all the kids that hadn't made their schedule for next year into one room. Jessica just happened to be in there. Actually she decided to sit two seats away from me. I told the lady that I was moving schools. So I sat there and ignored the lady when she was telling all of us how to fill it out. Jessica was suprized that I was deciding to move schools expecialy when I lived a block away from the High School.

The last day of school we had a Banquette to celebrate that we were going into high school. The banquette was about three hours after school. So everyone could go home and get ready.

As I was getting ready I decided to write Jessica a message on myspace. This is what is said...


I know that we aren’t friends

anymore but just here me out. I want

to say that I am moving schools. Next

year I’m going to Palo Duro instead.

Its my choice because with me being

gone I won’t screw up your perfect

life anymore than I all ready have,

and I can make new friends. Sorry I

screwed up your life.


That night at the banquette. She didn’t talk to me. I figured that she would hate me. But I didn’t care. I said good bye to all of my friends and gave them my number.

When I got home that night I got on my myspace. She hadn't read the message. I figured that she hadn't gotten on. Because she didnt say anything to me.

It has been almost a year sense we stopped being friends. And yet I will see her in a store or I will see her at track meets, But we don’t say hi or even acknowledge each other.

Sometimes I wish that it would have never happened. But then again now I know that you might think you know a person but they can change in a heart beat.

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