~My Wonderful Life~

April 28, 2008
By Monica Ruiz, Amarillo, TX

My life starts like this. I have 1 brother that's 22 his name is Jose. 1 sister that's 9 her name is Sonia. My hero's Jose and Velia that are my parents. And now that I’m married, but my life is so wonderful that I wouldn't want to give it up for nothing. Now that a lot of things that have happened in my life I have gotten close to my parents. Me and my mom talk about anything and I use to not wan't to tell her anything because of the fact that I thought she would get mad or something. But now I understand why the parents tell us that when there's a problem to talk to them. Life is more understandable now that I’m married and I see my self far ahead in life. I thought that life as a teenager was just about fun, which it is because being a teenager all we wanna do is go out and hang out with our friends. I use to always go out and have more than fun, but now I have more fun just spending time with my family.
Sometimes i don't spend time like i would like too with them. I don't know what i would do without them being in my life. When my husband tells me that he wishes that his dad could of been with him his whole life my heart just breaks down. It feels so hurtful when someone tells you something like that especially someone your with. I really never cared so much about my family because I would always be in trouble and I thought they didn't love me because I was bad.
Now that I got my own family well I realized that my family do care about
me and everything that I do and everything that I did. And now I know that I would get into all that stuff all because of the things that I would do. I'ts so stupid all them stuff I did instead of taking care of my family that's more important than the streets. I think my life is way better now than what it was before I got pregnant and got with my baby's daddy. My family and I get along better than what we use to I don’t know how we got so close. What I do now in school or outside of the school I do it because I wan't to prove everyone that i'am going to graduate, and that I’m better than all my cousins that weren't able to because they were just too bad.
My life is just full of proudness. When I wan't something there I have my husband to buy it for me and I can count on him for whatever I need. What also makes me have my wonderful life is my niece Brianna. She is like my little girl i love her so much that when i see her she just runs up 2 me and hugs me and gives me kisses. She's probably the baddest kid well not that she's bad, but when she's at my house she always gets spoiled by everyone at the house. She don't get spoiled with my brother because his girfriend has 2 kids, and he doesn't wan't them to feel left out. When she comes to our house i try to play with her as much as i can. When i take her with me somewhere i ask her what she want's and i'll buy it for her, but when i have money. She always likes to get spoiled, but sometimes it just can't happen because she exaggerates with the spoilty. Everyone from my family say that she reminds them of me when I was her age because we're both bad. Just like she is right now I was like that when I was little. She is spoiled so much like my dad just like I was. Everytime my dad would go somewhere I would wan't to go with him. My dad buys her what ever she want's and he use to do the same with me. I’m so glad to have the family that I have because all my family is wonderful even though I don't know all my family from my mom's side and my dad's side. Most of all my family lives in Mexico, but I have family that lives here, but not a lot I still keep in touch with the ones that ain't here and the ones that are here. We go to Mexico every year once or twice to visit all the family. My family is so cool I get along with everyone, but my cousins that I use to kick it with when we would go to Mexico most of them already got married or they don't live there no more.
My life is not going to be like it use to be. Now i can't go out with my friends and do the things we use to do. Everytime we would go out we use to go to party's and drink the whole night. We just use to kick it with everyone that we knew. Everyday my friends would go pick me up to play volleyball or do something to not be bored, so everyday after school i knew where i was going. When i met Ana and started talking to her at school we started kicking it everyday after school. I started going to her house and we begin to smoke weed everyday because her dad wouldn't be home all day. We would hang out and just do stuff just to be bad. I had so much fun with her that we would dress the same when we would go shopping we would buy the same clothes. We would let each other borrow our clothes because we were the bestest friends. Everyone at school thought we were sisters because we were always together and we would always dress the same. I miss all those days in the back when we use to kick it she was like my sister when people asked us if we were sisters we would say yes. I wish i could go back, but now im married and it's never going to be the same even tough i wish it so bad.Ana wen't out with one of my husband's friend and we would go out to places together. Now i don't know nothing about her it's been a long time we stopped talking, but i sure do miss her.

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