My Grandpa

April 28, 2008
By Courtney Sandoval, Amarillo, TX

As a tear ran down my face, my heart skipped a beat, and I felt as if I were going to die. It was July 31st, 1998, I was only eight when it all seemed like my world had came to an end. I just had heard the bad news, that my close grandpa had passed away. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew that it couldn’t have been a joke, because I mean how many people you know play around like that? Anyways it all started when he had went to the doctor just for a regular checkup, and he ended up being diagnosed with liver cancer. All because he drank way to much. I didn’t want it to be true, well not just me but everyone that shared any moments with him. My grandpa and I were very close. At times he seemed like my own dad. He'd always gave me whatever I wanted. Matter of fact he gave all four of his grandchildren whatever we wanted. He treated each and everyone of us equally. All the time I wish he was here so we can share all kinds of stories like we used to.

To me, my grandfather changed my life on becoming a better and confident person towards myself and others. Just like he was, my grandpa was and still is a wonderful person towards everyone. Even towards the people he didn’t really know at all. My grandpa never judged anybody by the way they looked or even by their personality. He was that one person you could always count on to be there and listen to every word you had to say. That’s one main thing I loved about him.

Right now I can picture him being at my graduation and wedding, cheering me on, being proud of me for accomplishing what I had started along with my family. Then all of a sudden I snap right back into reality and know that he won’t be there in person, but in spirit looking down from up above. What I do know is that when my time comes that hopefully I can reunite back with him. So we can catch up from where we left off. It just really sucks that my daughter won’t be able to meet such a wonderful person, because I would've really wanted her to experience what I've experienced with him and really got to know my grandpa, who knows maybe he would've changed her life also. Even though he was only fifty-four, I am really glad that he ended up in a better place than here, that way he wouldn’t have suffered like he did. I know for a fact that he is watching over me right now as I am typing this story up. After all he is not just my Angel he is also my hero.

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