My mom and me!!!!

April 28, 2008
By nakeya rosas, Amarillo, TX

Hey, I like this one mom! We should get it. I think its pretty, and it is something we both want. It has a heart and a rose just like we both wanted. We can always add some stuff to it. Sio I think it is perfect. "Ok, i'll call Steve later and tell him we found the perfect one just for us."

Maybe we can take it to him so he can start drawing it up for us. The sooner he gets it drawing up the sooner we can get it done. So my mom called him up and talked to him he told us to go over and take him the picture.

A couple of days later Steve called us back to tell us that he was done drawing up the tatto's. When we was ready to go get them to call him and we could go get started on it. So the very next day we went and picked out our colors and he started out on my mom's tatto first. It took him like 3 hours to finish her's ups. When he was all done my mom got up and looked in the mirror and loved what she saw. She loved it so much that she went right up to Steve and gave him a big hug "Thanks my first tatto and look it only took me 50 years to get it". Steve just laughed. Like 30 min. later after he cleaned up after doing my moms tatto he got everything ready for me and said. "Aight girl you ready to get tatted up like that song". I just laughed and sat down and said "yep let's get to it". He started up the gun and said ok well then lets get to work. So he went to working on my new tatto that I will always have to remember my mom by.

Even though she is not dead it is some how we both can share our mother daughter love. After like an hour steve started to sweat and get alittle tired. So we stopped and took a little break so we both can rest for a little bit after like 45 minuntes to an hour later. We started back on my tatto and we only had to get the colors in it now because the out line was all done, so he went to adding the green, purple, red, black, browns, and pinks. After he was done with all that I was all done with my new tatto that only took him 2 hours to do but it was all worth it. Because now me and my mom have something to remember eachother by no matter where we are at.

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