Maria and Juan

May 17, 2010
By alejandra guzman BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
alejandra guzman BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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One day as Maria was walking through the village she bought an ice cream cone and as she turned around to walk away she bumped into a man. They both said sorry to each other.
He asked, “What is your name”. She responded with her name being Maria and asked him the same question.
He said, “My name is Juan but you can just call me Juan. It was a pleasure meeting you but I must be on my way”. As he walked away Maria just stood there staring at him wishing to one day see him again.
Everyday after that she kept returning to that stand where she bought her ice cream hoping that Juan would be there again.
Eventually the man at the stand said, “Excuse me ma’am but if you are coming here everyday to meet with the man you into that day I should tell you he comes here everyday looking for you also, but he comes at a later time about an hour after you leave.” She was filled with joy thanking the man for informing her.
She told him “I will be back in an hour that”. He told her if you are not back by the time he comes I will tell him to wait just a little while long and that you won’t be long. She again thanked him and went on her way home to get ready to see than man that she feels is the one for her.
About thirty minutes after Maria had left Juan showed up. He waited a little while, but that man at the stand hadn’t noticed him because he had fallen asleep. As Juan was getting ready to leave he trip over a box. The sound awoke the man Juan apologized for disturbing him.

The man said, “It was no problem. Beside I had to tell you a message from Maria, the girl you ran into a couple days ago. She wanted me to tell you to wait for her that she would be back in an hour. It won’t be much longer maybe just a few more minutes.”
A soon as he said that Maria was walking to the stand she was still a bit away so Juan ran to her they hugged each other and said, “Hello.”
They left the stand and went to go get some thing to eat along the way they talked and got to know each other better. They realized that they had much in common. This happened for awhile everyday they would take long walk and talk.
One day finally Juan proposed to her, he said, “Maria we have been going through this routine for awhile now and everyday I love you more and more, so will you marry me?”
She was shocked and with a smile stretched across her face she responded, “Of course I will, I love you too!”
He walked her home that day and they told her family the good news they wished them luck in their lives. When he arrived at his house he told his family. They weren’t as excited as Maria’s family was. They asked many questions as to why he wanted to get married at his age. They said he should have waited a little longer to see if worked out. He didn’t like the response from his family had given him. He tried to make them understand that he was in love and that was all that really mattered.
The day of the wedding he stood up front as he awaited Maria’s arrival. Everyone from her side of the family was there, but only a few of his was there. His family still didn’t approve of their marriage. When Maria entered he forgot about that for his love was stronger than anything
Eventually after time his family saw how they were so happy together and began to accept that he had made the right decision. They were finally beginning to get along with Maria. Especially after their baby was born they named her Anna in honor of Juan’s mother.

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