May 17, 2010
By feyi adegboye BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
feyi adegboye BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Armageddon (Mediggo) is the name of the location of an enormous battle. Is it true? When will it happen? What will happen when it happens? Who and how was it fore-cited. People probably ask these questions every time they think about Armageddon. Some might even ask the question does it hurt. Then again it could give a quick and painless death. In this paper you will go into the depths of the truth about Armageddon. Most of the myths and theories about Armageddon will be revealed to you.

The Mayans believe that the world would end at Dec. 21, 2010. The Mayan calendar is very accurate because the Mayans excels at mathematics (the predicted the date of Cortez’s coming). The Mayan calendar ends on that date. There is a theory that if the Mayans used zero in the calendar then the date is one year later, so the assumption of 2012 could be wrong. There is not only one calendar but three. The Solar year, the Ritual year and the World time, the world time calendar ends at the predicted date of the world’s end. The World time calendar had 5,128 years but when translated it was actually 5,126 years.
There are theories of what will happen on that date. One theory is that there will be a pole shift. There are other theories too. Dec 21, 2010 just so happens to be a winter solstice and will give us something that we will never see again in our life time. The sun and the intersection of the Milky Way will join which the Mayan call the sacred tree. The religious one depicts of a great war to end all wars.
In Christianity, Armageddon is referred to as the final battle between the good and evil. It will be a war to end all wars. The armies of God will destroy the armies of Satan in a final battle. Some say the trigger to that battle the new state of Israel will be invaded. In the Revelation chapter 16 seven angels are commanded to pour vials of the wrath of God on the earth.
The first angel poured it onto the earth with opened up grievous sores onto the worshiper of the beast. The second angel poured a vial into the ocean and all living souls died in the sea. The third angel poured the third a vial into the river and other sources of water. After the angel said “Thou art righteous, which art, and wast, and shall be, thou hast judged thus”. The fourth angel poured one into the sun which gave it the power to burn all men. They were burned with great intensity and they blasphemed God’s name and repented not to give him glory. The fifth angel poured a vial onto the seat off the beast; and his kingdom was engulfed in darkness; they bit the tongues in pain then they blasphemed God instead of repenting for their sins. The sixth angel poured a vial into the river Euphrates which caused it to dry up. He saw three unclean spirits like frogs out of a dragon, out of the beast, and out of the false prophet. The seventh angel poured his vial into the air and out came a voice saying “And it is done”. That was from Revelation chapter sixteen but that is not all.
To complete this chapter-there were voices, thunder, lightning and an enormous earthquake. The earthquake will be so great and devastating. The great city will be divided into three parts and cities of the nations of the world will fall. The great city Babylon will come in remembrance before God and give a cup of wine of the wrath of God. Every island ran away and the mountains could not be found. Out of the heavens there came a plague of hail, each weighing one talent. The men of the earth blasphemed God. The next plague was exceedingly greater.
That was just the basis of what the bible says of Armageddon. Most of the chapter of Revelation contains bits and pieces about Judgment day. Not just in Revelation other parts of the bible contain hints on Armageddon. The Christian branch called Jehovah’s Witness believe that they will be resurrected by God into a new cleaner earth after Armageddon or to Heaven which would have a limited quota of 144,000 people and the rest will live on earth which is called the “Great Crowd”. They believe that in the battle Satan unites the rulers of the earth against Christ. Not like other Christians, Witnesses believe the antichrist isn’t one person and not a war among nations and Mediggo is the gathering of the rulers of the world. They think that the UN will attack all religions, and focus on the Witnesses because they still preach their word. When the earth’s forces are defeated the earth will be barren for 1000 years. It becomes fully purified at the end of those years.
The Seventh-day Adventist believes that Armageddon will be the second coming of Christ. The also believe that the earth will be barren for 1000 years. They believe people who are righteous went to heaven and the rest will be destroyed. Satan will be bound with no one left to tempt. The new earth and heaven will be recreated after the millennium.
In Islam it is thought that the Antichrist will trick people into believe that he is God and ask people to praise him. The true believers will not believe him and not worship. Although they won’t be enough to stop him, because of that God sends Christ to beat the antichrist.
In Judaism it is referred to as the acharit hayamim which means “the end of days”. It is said that disastrous events will happen and it will introduce the world to a new world order in which God rules. The Talmud says the world will only exist for 6000 years. According to the Jewish calendar we are in 5770 and the world will end in the year 2240. At the end all Jews will return to Israel, all of Israel’s enemies will be defeated, the third Jewish temple in Jerusalem was made and sacrifices and temples services began again, the coming of the dead(resurrection). Finally, the Jewish messiah will become the king of Israel and he will divide Israel by its original tribes. During that Gog, the ruler of Magog will assault Israel. It will be a great battle in which both sides will have heavy casualties. Then God will intrude and save them. Now God has finally defeated the finalevil and it is banished from the human race forever. After that 6000 year all will be tranquility, spirituality, holiness and peace in the world. That is called “Olam Haba” meaning future world where all know of God straightforwardly.
Native Americans also had ideas about Armageddon. The tribal leaders of the Hopi tribe say that the arrival of the white man will be the end. Along with the coming of the buffalo like creatures, with great horns, that will overrun the land. The end of times will be crossed by iron snakes and stone rivers (railroads), the land will be covered by a giant spider web (freeways), and the sea will turn black (oil spills). The heavens will fall looking like a blue star, this causing the earth to shake with ferocity. The white men will fight people in other countries. The signs of disaster are near when the deserts start to smoke. Those who understand the prophecy will live in Hopi land and shall be protected. The pahana (true white brother) will come to store seeds of wisdom into people’s heart. That would then begin the Fifth World.
There you have it. It may not even happen or could. If it does happen then chances are it will happen Dec 21, 2012. That date is not even certain; maybe it could be a year off. You never know if its true or not, because the Mayans were was a very smart civilization. that fell for an unknown reason. They could have fallen on purpose out of fear or not. It is your choice if you want to believe. Also to those who ask “does it hurt”, if it happens then probably, it probably hurts a lot.

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this is all based on my curoisity

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