mutual addiction

May 16, 2010
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Hit me again; the surge from the slightest touch can send me shivers. I question if you experience the same effects thinking of me, does your body get into the same euforic mood when I'm near? Is your brain recieving the same message after a lustful rush of blood? Do you suffer the withdrawl?

I dream. Every star in the sky could tell you the same story of how I despartly wish on you to share those side effects with me. What a comfortable pit of happiness you can simply plunge me into. It's dark and uneasy but at the same time feels just right.

Perfect, if possible - if not, I still have yet to master that vison. It will find me, but I'm not searching for a meaning. It continues to yank at my inner thoughts no matter my actions to quit; your structure and genetics have slipped into definition. Perfection to me is flawed and grotesque, it's something you work to improve and progress towards and when you've reached it you can feel it without doubt.

Pure and genuine happiness is meant to over rule my free roaming mind, I know it. I believe this can be achieved with you, and your the only one I've been constantly able to see without fogged vison. The only one I could cling to and not be pealed off by outer influence, infact I don't see intrest in anyone and it scares me. Terrifies me that I could waste away on hope; hope that we both need treatment and that the percription is obvious. I hope that you will gladly get hooked on me and slip into deep addiction. We can nurse it together and work on keeping things stable, avoiding overdose or purposly inducing.

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