April 28, 2008
When you have someone that you admire in your life that person is usually strong, healthy, wise, and tough, but at the same time they're gentle, loving, and caring, So what do you do when that person breaks down? Your hero that you admire falls apart. I mean, you know sometimes they want to cry, and they're usually strong enough to not do it in front of you, but when they do, you know it's bad...really bad!

Everything you thought you felt or knew about that person unravels before your eyes. All of a sudden you become the strong one, and they become the weak one you once were. You are now the one to comfort them, tell them " It's okay," Or "Don't worry everything will be fine."...

I guess right then is when you make the transition from a child to an adult someone that somebody else will look up to. I can remember one instance real well...

My older brother had just experienced something horrible-I won't state it-. He's four years older than me so I always expect him to hold it together. He was crying really hard one day and I watched him watched him fall apart. The tears streaming from his swollen red eyes leaving streaks. It hurt me inside so much to watch him like that I had already cried from the situation, but I wasn't expecting him to cry I was expecting him to be strong and comfort me. Then I realized how selfish could I be He's not an alien, he has to cry too, He has to have comfort also. I mean If he's always helping others, Who's going to be there to help him?

Then everything became clear. The opaque strips from my eyes were pealed away. I stood up and walked over to him knowing exactly what to do. I sat down next to him put hand on his shoulder and waited to see if he would shake it away. When he didn't I put my other arm around him and held him. I didn't say a word I just held him until he stopped crying, and when he did he thanked me. I nodded my head in reassurance and said anytime. He went outside and I stood there feeling so proud and happy that I could give him something back to him. I was one of the best feelings I've ever had, and that is a way someone you admire can affect your life.

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