My Aunt Tera

April 28, 2008
My aunt is one of the best things that has ever happened to my life. She is my aunt but she is also like the most best friend a person could ever ask for. Her name is Tera Hilliard, she is seventeen years old, and she lives in Stilwell, Ok. I have known her since I had moved to Stilwell when I was two years old. She is two and a half years older than me so I could also consider her more like the big sister I never had.
I haven’t seen her in a couple years. I miss her so much. She will be graduating in May this year and we are supposed to go to her graduation ceremony. I hope we can and if so I so really can’t wait. I love her so much. We still get to talk on the phone, myspace, and we send letters to each other occasionally. I wish she could just come live with me.
We grew up together as little kids. We used to have so much fun together. We would always go to the creek in the summer and my grandpa would make our own little slip-and-slides. He just got a really huge piece of tarp and laid it out in the yard next to their house. Then he got soap and put it all across the tarp and sprayed it with the water hose. That was so much fun. In the fall we would gather all of the leaves we could get and put them into a pile. Then we would just start jumping in them. In the winter we would build snowmen, have snowball fights, and go sledding down all the hills around her house. One winter we were just out playing on the hill across the street from her house. I was really cold and my feet were hurting really bad, so I finally went home. I got home and told my dad that my feet were hurting and it was hard to walk. He made me take off my shoes which was really hard. Then he helped me get up and start walking around. Eventually my feet warmed up and it wasn’t hard for me to walk anymore. And in the spring we like to go in the field behind her house and around her yard picking flowers and making bouquets with them. It was never hard to give my mother something for Mothers Day. All I had to to was go pick some flowers and I normally put them in a vase and gave them to her. It would be the most perfect place to be during every season of the year. In the winter there was just snow everywhere which was so beautiful, in the fall all the leaves changed into very pretty colors, in the spring all the flowers started growing again, and by the time summer came the flowers were bloomed, big, colorful, and beautiful. I really miss that place with all my heart. I would do anything just to go back there for a few days and visit my family and old friends. Just to do some of the things I did when I was younger.

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