Volvo MAG

By DANNY D., Unknown, Unknown

   VolvoAutomobile o' AutomobileI step on the brakes and the tires squealThey call it a carBut it never got farMaybe from point A to CBut it broke down at BThere are no normal ones, I have four dummy tiresI have no keys just a pair of steel pliersNo CD player, no tape deck, only an 8 tractA spring from the seat that's poking my backThe door won't open, the window I useNo tens or twelves, I only have twosIn place of a gas cap is an old dirty ragAnd for the seat covers just a black garbage bagI have no gas gauge, to tell me how much gasBut I guess I can tell when I'm stalled in the grassI have a gallon of water because the engine overheatsMy car smells so bad like old woman's feetI have no horn, got to stick my head out and screamBut when I do that the car starts to leanA spare tire in the trunk but that thing has gone flatAnd to protect my carpet I have cardboard floor matsYou might think my car is trash, but at least it's a rideSo I roll up the windows and duck down to hideby Danny Dahlback, Tampa, FL

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i love this !


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