Prom Night(mare)

April 26, 2008
By Anonymous

I know where she is right now. She is getting her hair done for prom. She is wearing a yellow dress. Just like the glorious sun. The thing is I won’t see her looking like a goddess on the dance floor of the coliseum. I’ll be here poisoning my thoughts with her face, her smile, her walk, her.
She is going with a cute short girl. Of course they are going as friends, but still. She said she would have asked me to go with her, but she was afraid I would say no. Me say no to her? I would have said yes then announce it to the whole world that I was going to have the most spectacular night with the girl of my dreams. Yet I am sitting here going dizzy by her.
She was acting weird with me yesterday. She was acting bitter. She didn’t have that spark in her eyes like she generally does. I felt depressed that whole day. Like I was going to throw up. I felt nervous. Was she angry at me? Did I get to close? Did I not get close enough? What was she thinking? I wish I could read her mind. She acted like I was annoying to her. I wish I could call her and ask why, but she is probably getting in to her dress right now.
I have fallen in love which is something I vowed never to do. Not with a girl at least.

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