Pleasures of reading

May 15, 2010
Pleasures of reading are pleasures forever. One who is the friend of books needs no other friend. Books are our nearest and dearest friends; they are our kith and kin. We can depend upon books for the right advice at all times. Milton once said “A book is a bloodless substitute of men”. That means books are our best friend only it has no body or bones but it has a brain. Books can give u the best and brightest piece of advice under any difficult circumstances. It eliminates our narrow prejudices and illuminates our mind with truth and knowledge.

The range of reading material is very vast. You can choose from all kinds of subjects including History, Philosophy, Biography, etc. The choice is so wide and rich and varied. You may also select jokes, comics and detective material. It is the best leisure time pursuit. The ability to read books, newspapers, and magazines and to derive pleasure from them is a great boon. Those who have this habit and hobby are fortunate.

Reading provides many additional benefits. It increases word-power, experience, knowledge and skills of expression. In the words of Francis Bacon “Reading makes a full man”. He further quotes “History makes a man wise, Poetry witty, mathematics subtle” and so on.

The hobby and habit of reading should be developed in an early age, it does not mean that it cannot be developed at an advanced. Reading requires special skills and aptitude. They are the treasure house of knowledge and wisdom.

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