Role Of Women In Free India

May 15, 2010
Now the status of women has improved a lot.The poet bharati once said that women are equally intelligent and strong as men.Today we see women occupy many high post both in government and private establishment.They have also joined police forces. Some are doctors,some engineers,and some are even scientists. Population statistics show that they outnumber men. Every year among successful candidates women outnumber men.So illiteracy among the women folk as decreased to some extent.
The womenfolk who have risen to such a high level, have not become mentally matured. Their life is insecure.They have to yeild to men's atrocities. They are the main reason to the existence of the dowry system.They belive in superstition more than men. They have a great craze for jewels and silk sarees. Women are treated in many way,even in certain villages in india,the female children are killed immediately after their birth. They are treated very badly in their houses,due respect is nto given to them. Even in educated families sich a condition exists. Certain female students and women laboureres get addicted to drugs, tobacco and drinks.
Hence, women have a major role to uplift their section. Teh fear in them is to be eliminated by the women who occupy are higher post,with the help of the women's association they have to work for the freedom of women in the country and help them enjoy a happy life.

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