The Worst Day of my Life

May 14, 2010
By Anonymous

It was the first time I had been sick. I was never as sick as I was before I became diabetic. That day I can honestly say, was the worst of my life. I didn’t feel anything; it was as if there was something that was taking control of me, something that was killing me.

The day started our okay; it was my aunt’s birthday. We went up to her house had cake, ice-cream, and put in a new couch that we bought for her. I was helping put the couch in the house when all of the sudden, I fell. I couldn’t move, the couch wasn’t on me, but it felt like there was a strong weight pressing down on my chest suffocating me.

The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital gasping for air. When I calmed down (which took one hour) they told me I had, had a stroke. The Nurse said my veins were so big, they were about to collapse, and I was going into Diabetic coma. I asked her, “How could that be I’m not diabetic, I think you got me confused, with my grandmother.” The nurse wouldn’t look me in the eyes after I said that, she just turned her head. I knew in my heart why wouldn’t look me in the eyes. I was diabetic. They said I was diabetic three months before that day. I wouldn’t’ say anything to anyone for weeks after I got out of the hospital.

My mom and grandma took me to counseling. I was diagnosed with depression. I just couldn’t’ deal with the fact that I had a disease that could kill me at any minute of the day. After almost a month of not talking, I had started a new schooly. I was expecting the worst, but when I got there everything was okay, turns out it was the best (in my opinion). I met really good friends, and overall have an amazing day.

Now I am in eighth grade and know more about my diabetes. I know that I can never live a normal life without having my diabetes control me, but at least I have a life, and I could at least try to be normal. My friends don’t know that much about my diabetes but they learn more and more every day. I know that life gets hard, but god gave me diabetes for a reason, I may not know what that is yet but there is one. Diabetes is serious, I could die at any minute, but I take care of myself, for my friends, family, and mostly for me. Most teens think there invincible, like they will never die, but I know I’m not.

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