Night Jogging

May 14, 2010
By , Destrehan, LA
My favorite thing to do at night is to go jogging at night. I just love the peacefulness of running by yourself. Sometimes I bring my mp3 player with me so I have something to listen to. If I don’t I usually think of a song that goes with the beat of my steps. Anyway, while I jog at night I will try to sneak a peek that the beautiful stars in a dark spot on the road. Sometimes I would jog on the golf course so I could look at them the entire run. But when I jog on the street there are usually people outside. All of them, probably most, give me a look-at-that-fat-boy-run look on their face that I hate. I also think I got a hide-in-the-bush-wait-for-me-to-leave-and-rob-my-house look from an older man. I understand there terminology because I do it to. I usually just blow them off. But this one time, this one guy stared at me the entire time I jogged in front his house. It was so weird that I stopped and said, “Is there a problem here.” He didn’t give me a response and went back into his house.

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