Dear Friend

May 13, 2010
By maha007 BRONZE, San Deigo, California
maha007 BRONZE, San Deigo, California
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I sat there at the table at my tutors house, and I looked at her kind eyes.For the first time I realized that "she cared" she really cared about me and how I was doing. She was in the tutoring business for the money. She just wanted her students to succeed.
I studied her face, a face that I have seen for years and I watched it grow with worry when I didn't understand something and it grew with happiness when it all clicked. Today I was supposed to tell her that I wasnt going to be studying with her anymore, because my mom got me a new tutor but when I saw that smile on her face when she saw that I understood what I was doing, there was no possible way that I could have told her that I was leaving her. I have known her for years and she is like family to me now. Many of my friends told me that I should quit working with her because she wasn't helping but the truth was there was no possible way that I would have been able to say good bye to her. I couldn't know that this may be the last time I saw her and I knew that if it was than it would be a great mistake. So, one text changed everything, I texted my mother in a cry for help and understanding that I couldn't leave my tutor. My heart didn't want to let her go. I realized that she was not only my tutor but, she was my friend that cared deeply for me. A friend like that, had to be kept and never let go.

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