“The boy”

April 24, 2008
“The boy”

I never really understood the word “love”.
How do you feel love?
Could you touch love?
Things all changed when I meet the boy! At first I wasn’t head over heels for him but I did like him a lot! I never said nothing, didn’t want people trying to get us together. I had him for several classes. And no I wasn’t that type of girl that stared at him and would drool all over him. I would look at him and think bout what we could be! Well in late May we got together!
It didn’t last long. I think it was in August when we broke-up! By that time I’ve fallen for him, but the ex-girl problems stood in the way. They would be always be on and off. Soon after there relationship was officially over I wanted a couple of weeks just to give them time.
I think it was like a day after when his best friend/ sister Roxy told me to go back out with him. I don’t remember exactly, but I know that we started talking again. After talking for like a week I think that’s when we both wanted to get back with each other.

The day he asked me out was on December 11, 2007. And we’ve been together since then. I mean we had our rough times, but by the end of the night everything would be good again. That boy that I’ve been talking about was my daddy’s Jordon. Everything changed when we got together he really was my first true love that has really proven to me that all guys aren’t the same.

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