April 24, 2008
By Britany Hamberger, Auburn, NY


Camping in the summer is a blast. We can go hiking, swimming and even fishing but we really love to play football in the big fields. If we aren’t doing any of that we are playing basketball or kickball, sometimes we even take our nets and try to catch crayfish, noots, little fish and anything else we can find. We snack alot and love to explore the campgrounds. Sometimes there are playgrounds and we will go there for somewhere to hang out. If it rains we sit inside and play cards or go outside and splash around, but just bacause we are getting older does not mean we have to quit now. At the end of the day we all sit down to eat together and most of the adults sit around the fire after dinner, while the others will get their marshmallow shooters and run around the campers with us kids trying to hit each other with the marshmallows. Then we make smores, of course with different marshmallows than we used to hit each other with and the day is over and we all go to bed.

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