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May 13, 2010
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In life there are impediments to overcome, phases to go through, and mountains to climb. Completing high school is one of the many mountains in life everybody must climb. There are multiple ways to conquer and clamber this mountain. Some routes are easier and less complicated, while others require all of students’ endurance, perseverance, and brain power! Taking the Advanced Placement curriculum in high school is one pathway designed to mold students into studious and ambitious individuals. A unique and challenging learning experience, the courses will facilitate the young scholars in college. (c) Although it may be the road less traveled by, it will no doubt benefit students in their future endeavors. Mapping out plans to climb this steep mountain, all incoming freshman should consider AP courses!(a.)

Students with a zeal for learning and achieving at a high level should enroll in these courses. One of the main benefits from these rigorous courses is the chance of earning college credit. More than 300,600 colleges and universities across the globe recognize these scores (“About AP”). In the United States, 90% of the four year colleges provide credit for AP scores (“About AP”). Entering their freshman year of college, students can be classified as a sophomore. A very broad and a diverse mixture, the array of classes offered by the College Board are designed to provide something for everyone (d). Over 30 courses and exams, covering a wide range of topics. When you enter college, you will be fortunate enough to move into upper-level courses in your field of study, because you would have mastered the introductory courses. Pursing a double major or studying aboard would be another incentive you would have the option of taking advantage of.
Standing out among the other thousands of people who are applying for your dream college, is a terrible feat. However, with AP credit your application will be one that college admission offices will remember. The courses will reflect that you are mature and ready to tackle the rigorous college curriculum. They will see how serious and immutable you are about your education. Your application will be a force to be reckoned with.
In addition to reaping incentives and standing out, you will obtain an accelerated skill development curve while taking these courses. The ability to evaluate, to understand, and to comprehend tough material isn’t innate in all of us. After taking only European History AP, I have seen a great improvement in my reading skills. AP classes, fine- tuning your ability to analyze, evaluate, and grasp information, will condition you for college. (b) Along with these skills, your writing and problem solving abilities will see great improvement as well. A past study of the student population was recently taken at the University of Texas. A total count of 24,941 students, who had taken AP classes, college grades were better than other students in ten subjects (Foster). In a different study, 220,000,289 students attending a variety of Texas Universities were observed. The researchers stated, “Strong evidence of benefits to students who participate in both AP courses and exams in terms of higher GPAs, credit hours earned and four-year graduation rates" (Foster).
AP classes may appear only beneficial to your long-term aspirations, but there are short term benefits as well. ACT and SAT scores have greatly increased for those ambitious students who have conquered AP courses. Holding a lot of students back is the fear that their perfect 4.0 GPA isn’t ruined, but many high schools provide students with extra points averaged into their final grade point average when taking AP classes. Therefore, your grade isn’t unfavorably changed by the courses. At my own high school, we receive seven extra points for an A, five points for a B, three points for a C, and one point for a D. Even if your GPA appears that if could be higher in regular classes, keep in mind that GPAs become less important to universities. Outstanding ACT or SAT scores look more notable.
The mountain called high school is a steep one to climb. As you consider the various routes, you must remember the AP courses will be more challenging, but there are numerous awards you can acquire if you’re successful. Parents, friends, and yourself will be proud and elated over your achievements. Don’t fret over the extra reading and homework, or worry about you’re perfect GPA. High school being such a transitory period, students should optimize the amount of time you have there! (e)

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