Finally Going Wild!

April 24, 2008
When the week ended that’s when all the fun began. My cousins and I went to the night clubs and danced till our legs were sore I felt like if I had chains stuck to my legs when I was going to my house.

I kept on saying “My legs hurt a lot I will be sore by tomorrow.”

We all arrived home around 3:00 am all of us were so tired and sleepy at the same time. By the next day all of us woke up at 12:00 (exactly at noon). That was just the beginning that was only on a Friday, but Saturday and Sunday we went shopping to the mall to get clothes for a wedding I really couldn’t find any good clothes to wear on April 20th of this year. So, I got tired of looking for clothes so left to go to Zilker Park.

‘‘I can’t find anything to wear for the wedding.’’ I said.

‘‘Me too I can’t find anything let’s just go to the park to have fun for today?’’ my cousin Liliana said.

“Ok I guess I we should go let’s take my mom so she wouldn’t be stuck in the house all the time so we could get on the train in Zilker Park!” I said.

Then, when we arrived to the park we went to get on the little train. That took a long time till the ride was over, so finally the ride was over and it took about 10 minutes or longer well that’s what I thought. When we got off the train my mom, 2 brothers, 3 cousins,2 aunt, and my uncle we all went to eat an ice cream obviously mine was chocolate plus I got some nachos and a soda because I was hungry. Finally at 9:00 pm we all went to my house because it was dark already so I was glad when I told my mom, ‘‘finally mom I could go wild for once in my lifetime.’’

‘‘You can sometimes but don’t get out o f control.’’ my mom said to me.

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