There Will Come a Day

April 24, 2008
By Maryy Cammilleri, Auburn, NY

I’m looking at this girl that seems so familiar yet so different these days. I’m staring into these eyes that used to tell the story of a girl who was always happy and never let anything get to her. When you looked into her eyes, you saw happy skies. There was never a cloud near by. Now days you look and it’s a broadcast to stormy skies with lightening and rain everyday. On the outside she looks all happy go lucky, but I see right through those fake smiles of hers. She doesn’t want anyone to see her fall, it just can’t happen.
So much pressure is put on her lately, she wears it on her sleeves, and I feel for her. I can hear the pain in her voice and I see it in her eyes. She sees me looking at her and she’s crying, she just can’t stop. She feels so weak lately, what happened to that strong girl I always used to see? Never once would you think her laughing and smiling face could break down, but it’s true. Every thing is changing and there is nothing she can do about it. Why can’t the world just pause… just stop... and let her catch her breath?
It’s obvious how hard she’s trying, but she just can’t fake it anymore. She is sick of acting like everything is okay, because its not, nothings okay. If anything, it is the exact opposite of that. The reality of it all is that she’s slipping in school, her friends are turning their backs on her, and her family always finds something to say she did wrong. Why is the world walking out on her? What did she ever do to them, but try to make everyone happy? The world has turned it’s back on her today, yes it has. All she has is her self or at least that’s how it seems sometimes. She has learned that sometimes you only have yourself and that’s hard and its hurts, bad.
Sometimes when she feels all alone she goes and cries for hours on her bed, squeezing her teddy bear tight in her arms. He’s the only one that has been there from the beginning and that will be there till the very end. The one who will love her, be there for her, and listen to her no matter what anyone says or what she does. Again I ask where is that girl I used to see, the one where when you looked into her eyes and say happy skies, do you remember her? Well I’m starting to forget who that girl was and that scares me. It hurts to see this girl so upset, especially when there is nothing I can do but to hope for a new day, a better day, where she has the strength to be stronger. I know there will come a day when you look into her eyes when the clouds will clear and all you see are happy skies again. I know that day will eventually come, but I hope to god its soon because the girl I caught looking back at me is in the mirror.

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