How to Manaq

April 23, 2008
This is how you go manaq-“ing” in Yupik or ice fishing. First of all you have pack grub, but not too much. You also have to start your snow machine to warm it up. Then while your waiting for your snow machine to warm up, you can get dressed. You have to use snow pants, boots, hat, gloves, neck warmer, coat and warm socks. You also will need manaq-“ing” sticks and a gunnysack to carry all of your fish if you catch any, shovel and ice pick, and black fish for bait if you have any black fish.

Then, you hop on your snow machine and then you can start heading to the mouth or up river. When you get there, there will either be holes, (usually there’s a hole), but if there’s none, you can ice pick the ice until you hit the water. After you ice pick a hole, you have to shovel it out so the snow won’t freeze in the water. Then you take you manaq stick and put bait on it. After you have done that you unroll the string very long if your in a deep spot. The only way you can know how deep it is is when you unroll your string into the hole and if it is too long, the string will float and go down slowly. You have to roll it back up until it doesn’t feel light.

Finally, when you are done fishing, you can put your fish in the gunnysack. Then you put it where it won’t fall off your snow machine. You put away your manaq sticks, and also your food and don’t leave any trash around. After your done putting away your stuff, you can head home. After you get home you give some of your fish to elders, and relatives, so they can make akutaq, fish soup, and fried fish, or you can freeze it.

In conclusion, you had fun, got ready, and used your manaq stick. After you’re done you gave out fish, you ate it, and freeze it.

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