Relationship Woes

April 23, 2008
By Megan Francis, Park City, UT

Side aching,
heart pounding,
body shaking.

Intense pains crawl about my spine.

No comfort found here.
Comfort is busy.
Love is busy.

The one solution to my breaking is his love.

He’s in distraction,
maybe happy,
maybe sad.

Maybe misses me,
or misses me not.

I can’t help but wonder if maybe there’s someone else,
someone else trying to spike his attention.
A girl obsessed through years past.

I know he’s mine and I’m his,
but maybe
that still won’t stop another girl from trying to win him back.

Maybe I’m too far away to control it,
to possibly stop it.

Maybe she’ll annoy him
maybe he won’t mind.

Whatever happens…
I have no control over it.

Sure I’m not breaking,
trying not to anyway.

But he’s there
I’m here.

Still sitting here in pain,
missing him like mad.
I don’t know if he misses me
or not,
I won’t ask.

A smile comes with thoughts of him,
and then fades with thoughts of them.

non-stop on my mind.

I need him here,
with me,
just me not her.
Here with me…. To hold me, make it better, here to stay…forever with me.

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