Creepy Stalkers

April 22, 2008
Creepy Stalkers

Creepy Stalkers, people who are obsessed with you. Not only is it weird, its creepy. And the girls who come and give you a slow hug from behind I like to call creepers. I don't know if I ever had a stalker but I know Ive seen them go after a few of my friends. They follow you around, they meet you at your locker, for all I know they might dig in the trash. Its weird to think what people would do just to be around someone. I know when I go to bed I always think someone is trying to peek into my window and watch me sleep. Sometimes when I go to the bathroom, I check behind the shower curtain. One day there might actually be someone behind that curtain, and thats when I would haul ass out the door. I know its a little out of the way but its pretty funny to think about.

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