Jackson Hole, Wyoming

October 17, 2007
By joseph palmer, Park City, UT

My family and I were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and we have a tradition that we go to a playhouse and eat dinner. IT was called Jaskon Hole Playhouse.
So when we get there, there is a hang-out room to your left, so we go in there and start talking to people and eat snacks. Well, they eventually called our family and showed us to our table. Then we sat and talked until we ordered our food.
When our food came, we all started to eat. It all looked so goog but I still thought my burger was the best! While we were eating our food, the crew started to sing. They al had really good voices. So it came to the solo parts, adn the waitress that was nearest to us started to sing. She looked at me and I hurried and looked away, but she still came over to me,and then she started to pinch my cheeks and rubbing on my arms. That was the most embarrassing moment ever.

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