The Alamo

May 20, 2010
"The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, has served myraid purposes during its nearly three century existance-spanish mission,hospital,housing for Indians, and Tejanos"(Teo). The Alamo is well known for the role it played in the Battle of the Alamo in 1836 during the Texas Revolution. The Alamo is a symbol of patriotism and a monument. "During the Battle of the Alamo, the limestone structure served as a garrison against approximately 2,000 Mexican troops led by Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana"(Teo). When the battle happened there were about 100 Texians and Tejanos there. The story of the Alamo has been romanticized a lot through movies, books, plays, and television shows. The 1960 version of the movie The Alamo has a lot of misunderstandings (Teo). The Battle of the Alamo wasn't wabout taking over just the Alamo, but taking over all of San Antonio(Teo). After the news of the battle spread, many young men wanted revenge, so they fought on April 21,1836 during the Battle of San Jacinto and the famous "Remember the Alamo" phrase came from that. During the Battle of San Jacinto they won and they got Texas independent from Mexico.

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