Starved Wallflower

May 19, 2010
By Lauren Foote BRONZE, San Jose, California
Lauren Foote BRONZE, San Jose, California
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I hear the bell ring, in a blink of an eye a swarm of people funnel towards the door. I dread this part of the day. Slowly I throw my books into my backpack and trudge outside the classroom. The hustle and bustle of the hallways overwhelms me. Hiding beneath my backpack I shield myself from these creatures.

Closer and closer I approach the zoo instantly spotting the clichéd hierarchy displayed across the long lunch tables. I cringe as I look for an inviting spot. Maybe today will be the day that I become adventurous.


Today was not the day of invitations. I stare blankly at the four walls of the cafeteria, nothing or no one in front of me. My brown paper bag resides in my backpack, never touched. All the chatter filling the room means nothing to me, all I hear is laughter or shrieks. But I don’t find it funny. I look around fixated on the impeccable mutants surrounding me. I want to be them.

I walk towards class. Things begin to fade, I stumble. No one notices.

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