Do Whats Right

May 18, 2010
Many times doing what is right is what leads to peace. No president enters a war lightly. It is not easy to send men and women to their death and war brings much destruction and death. But sitting on the sidelines, is also not an option when you see injustices in the world. Imagine what would have happened if the U.S. had not gotten involved in World War 1. Hitler would have continues his campaign to take over the world. Democracy was in jeopardy. Hitler would have become the evil ruler of the free world. The Jews would have been exterminated. Once that was done who knows who else he would have turned against.

Each president or person has to live with his decisions. Keeping the peace is a mighty goal and one that one should try to keep. But I believe doing the right things keeps guiding us. It keeps us on the right path. Its easy to turn away from all that is ugly in the name of peace. It’s sometimes very difficult to stand up to a bully. But without that determination the bully would succeed.

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