May 13, 2010
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Parents get confused and are stuck wondering how much freedom they should give their kids all the time. It’s normal for parents to have super psychotic micromanagement just as much as some parents give complete freedom and don’t even care about where their kids are, who they are with, and what they are doing. Other parents ask, where should the line be drawn?

When a teenager has too much freedom, a lot of bad things could happen, in the present, and in the future. Some things it could lead to is sex, drugs, and alcohol. If your child is given too much freedom, you most likely will not have a good relationship with them because they will be thinking they can do whatever they want and you won’t tell them no. They will become spoiled brats with no respect whatsoever.

Now, if you are one of those over the top crazy controlling parents, you might be thinking you are a great parent and everything, but honestly, you’re ruining your relationship with your son or daughter. They will leave you as soon as they can. Do not control where they go, what they wear, who they date, unless it is completely necessary. If you feel as if they are going into a bad crowd and acting different and not being themselves, then go to them and talk to them like the adult you are. If you go and lock them up in their room forever and yell at them that they are not perfect and they should be, then they will end up never coming home again to visit controlling mom and dad.

Where should the line be drawn? I think the line needs to be somewhere close to the middle. You can’t be too controlling but yet you can’t be too easygoing. You will have a good relationship by talking with your child when you feel it’s necessary to talk to them about something specific. They will never learn if you keep them locked up all of their life, they won’t know what’s coming to them and it will end up even worse then you think it already is.

Everyone is raised differently, but try and see how to be as a parent and change for the sake of your relationship with your children. So you parents out there, try not to be too controlling but don’t be too easygoing with your kids, draw that line where you think it should be and know why it should go there. Make sure that your kids know that no matter what, they are cared for and loved. Parents, you can still tell them to be careful before they leave the house, that’s okay.

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