May 13, 2010
When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you look at yourself in the eyes and smile, being proud of yourself? Or do you find yourself hiding from your reflection? Many of us look in the mirror and do not know what to think. We look right past our faces and try to look into our souls and hearts. And when we find who we really are, we are disgusted and turn away. We do not know ourselves. The fear of not knowing ourselves sends us into a frenzy. We try to look beautiful in the mirrors. We try to deceive ourselves. But, we only put on a mask. A mask that can be easily taken off. Yet it suffocates us. It makes us blind, making us stumble and run into the dangerous and obvious. We are so concerned with our image and our pride, that we keep the mask on. We pull the mask on and make it tighter and tighter, pressing it into our faces. Eventually that mask we put on becomes us. Like a clown who puts on makeup and goes into character, so are we who hide our faces.

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