BCS v. Playoff

May 7, 2010
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Every year college football is criticized for the BCS system, the current playoff format in Division One college football. College football needs to change the BCS to a playoff because it is hurting the sport of college football. In order to have a playoff, the NCAA (National College Athletic Association) will have to get rid of games, thus making games more exciting. The playoff would have eight teams and it would be very beneficial to the sport. Instead of knowing the best team based of the computers, we will know by the actions of the teams on the gridiron.

Do you remember the Utah Utes in 2008 or the Boise State Broncos in 2007? Those two teams both had undefeated records at the ends of the season, and yet neither got to play in the BCS National Championship. Many teams have had undefeated records, and they didn’t get a chance to prove themselves in the National Championship game. A team with an undefeated record usually has bragging rights over ever other team because they are the best. While in 2008, Utah wasn’t considered the best team, the Florida Gators were because the won the National Championship over the Oklahoma Sooners. Granted Florida might have been the best team, but we will never know because Utah never played them. If college football had an eight team playoff Utah would have had the opportunity to showcase their talent, and maybe get the real chance to call themselves the National Champions.

One argument against a playoff is the would be too many games being played. To counter-act that argument I agree with writer Ian Rhodes who said get rid of the games were the BCS teams play Division II teams. No one watches those games and it does nothing for either team. So, getting rid of those games would allow a playoff, because it would be the same amount of games as before. The games would be more exciting which brings me into my next point, more exciting games.

Everyone loves March Madness in college basketball, and most people don’t even like college basketball, but it’s the Cinderella story they cheer for. A college football playoff would be like the elite eight in March Madness. But it would be watched by a lot more people because more people like football. The more excited the fans are about the games means more fans which means more money for the NCAA.

Having a playoff, eliminating games, would make college football more exciting. The BCS is not a bad system, the NCAA makes a lot of money off it, but having a playoff would be better, and make a lot more money.

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