Through the victim's eyes of Bullying

May 7, 2010
By WolfGirl88 GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
WolfGirl88 GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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I never thought that I would be looking threw the victims eyes of bullying. I was on the school playground and was playing kickball with my classmates. One in particular, Taylor was in 2nd grade, a grade ahead of me. He came down to play and was cheating by stealing bases and pushing someone out of the way to catch the ball. Taylor’s parents weren’t very nice all the time and his sister was just like him. Sadly I became one of his victims. I was up to base, and my nerves were shaking. Taylor was pitching. I didn’t do it on purpose, but when I kicked the ball it hit Taylor straight in the face. The next thing I knew he was coming at me with a red face, and a balled fist. Why does this always happen to me at school?

In 2000 the British Columbia Ministry of Education says that bullying happens in or close to the school building. Bullying is a major issue in schools and most teachers don’t know how to handle the situation if they see it happen. Bullying usually comes from kids that have been abused continuously. According to the National Resource Centre for Safe Schools, bullies who have been identified by the age of 8 are six times more likely than others to be convicted of a crime by the time they reach the age 24. Bullies are in pain at times and that’s what causes them to pick on others, because they want to get rid of their pain and make others feel it. It’s very important to know that not all abused children become bullies, and that not all bullies come from abusive homes. Some kids that bully are looking for a way to gain powers, like the PPP. The PPP is for Physical, Personality, and Positional powers.
The first P is Physical power is when bullies want in order to gain power and have control over their victim. They look at appearance of people to choose. This is mainly used by big bullies picking on small victims. They feel the power of hovering over the short 3rd grader on the playground, and the puny 3rd grader looking up to the tall 5th grader like a tower ready to fall upon him. The second P for powers is Personality power, which is judging on gender, age or physical appearance. Bullies looking for this power will usually dress either really nice to show their rich or really badly to show some kind of toughness. Age really matters a lot too. Truthfully, your not going to see a 5 year old bullying a 7 year old. It would be absurd if that happened. It is most likely always going to be the younger victim that is being bullied. The third P is Positional power. Positional power deals with position of authority. Having position of authority is talking about your position like groups at school or cliques. Some examples are nerds, popular, geek, regulars, skaters, druggies, overweight and jocks. Kids are picked on everyday because of what they are placed as.
According to Pollack in 1998, that bullying scares so many people that they skip school. As many as 160,000 students may stay home on any given day because their afraid of being bullied. Being a victim of bullying is a life ruined. I’ve had the experience. I became a new student in 4th grade. Being a new student, I stood out. A group of guys would call me “IT” as to refer to someone who never showers or is stupid. I wanted to die at some points because nobody stopped it. I tried to communicate to teachers and parents about it. The weirdest thing I ever heard was that, “their just teasing you because they like you.” I thought that was weird and I didn’t really believe it. The bullying continued until the end of 5th grade, and I learned to ignore it. Something I had learned is that they only pick on you because you give in to them and you believe what they say and are affected by it. I figured that if I ignored them that they would think I wasn’t fun to tease anymore, and I succeeded.

If you imagine looking threw a victims eyes of bullying all you see is fear, sadness, depression, and a lost boy/girl trying to fight their way out of the cellar. That’s what it feels like to be bullied. Bullying does hurt even if it’s not physically.

Being bullied hurts, but there is always a way to avoid it. Three main things you can do to avoid bullying or help someone else avoid it are to Join a group or activity and stay with them when you are around a bully. If you have friends around to help you, you will feel a lot safer. Ignore the bully. If you hear threats or hatred coming out of the bully just ignore them and start talking to one of your friends or a teacher. Never fight back or bully them back because that’s exactly what they want you to do. They want you to be miserable. Last is to tell an adult. If you are still being bullied and a trustworthy adult can’t help you then turn to a friend, brother-sister, or another adult. Always tell someone. If you need someone to come with you then ask your friend, or one of your siblings.
I’m sure you know what I went threw by looking through my eyes in the story and understanding the pain of bullying. He punched me smack in the face and of course I went crying to the counselor. Being a bully victim is painful, depressing and sad. If you are being bullied just remember that you’re never alone.

The author's comments:
I wrote this to anyone who has ever been bullied. I have and I fought my way thru Middle school being bulied. I just want everyone to know how it feels and how they can help. Remember you're not alone.

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