death penality

May 7, 2010
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There have been many convicts who have died by the death penalty. Most of the
people died were probably never deserved the death penalty. Anyway the death happens its
still bad and this is why I disagree with the death penalty and tell why I disagree. I will talk
about why its bad, people that are involved and why people say yes.

The first reason, why the death penalty is bad because of the ways they executed the
victims. There are many types of death penalties like the most common is nitrogen
asphyxiation or lethal injection and hanging is the second most common one back in the
days. There are 28 more death penalties I know but they are pretty gruesome. The people
that did this were terrible people and which leads me to my next topic.
People that were involved were the victims that were the most important I think.
Which leads me to my last topic why people say yes.
Many people say yes because they want to feel safe and secure or they just want to
see the convicts suffer to death by the death penalties they have. There are some reasons why
I disagree because its bad, the people involved and why people say yes. Some people may
like my decision and some people might hate it but its just my opinion.

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