May 7, 2010
By , Cannon Falls, MN
As you’ve probably heard already, we are generation O. In which the O
stands for obese. Obese is a term for people that are heavier then overweight. I don’t know about you but I think being obese is a not a good thing. What you’re probably thinking is how it happens, why it’s bad, and how we can stop it.
First of all the causes of obesity, there are many reasons or causes for someone becoming obese. Like medications that can lower our metabolism. They can also increase our appetite (make you hungry more). Another cause is genetics; if someone has a lot of people in there family that is overweight. It makes you more likely to become overweight, but that doesn’t mean that you will become overweight. 19.6% of children become obese with obese family members. There are many cases were the parents are overweight and the kids are skinny and they stay that way. Self-control is another reason for obesity. A lot of people just can’t resist the allure of the delicious food that this modern day in age as accumulated, like fast food and other unhealthy food that some people just get addicted to and can’t help but eat it every day and cause them to get impossibly overweight. Emotions play a big role of the problem. When people are making fun of someone, they could turn to food for help and eat and eat tell they are really big and be made fun of for being big so they eat more and more. It’s a horrible cycle that for some people is very hard to change such habits. There are also diseases that can make peoples appetite increase and slow metabolisms. Surprisingly dieting can make someone become obese. When people move from one diet to another, they lose weight on the diet but when they stop the diet they regain the weight they have lost and in addition they gain a little more weight.
There are many reasons obesity is a very bad thing. For example people’s healths are at stake, there are many things that obesity can affect. It can make you have blood clots, which makes you more prone to strokes and heart attacks. More health issues that comes along with obesity is Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, Osteoarthritis, Gall Bladder Disease, Fatty Liver, Disease Cancer, Asthma, Chronic headaches, Varicose veins, Coronary artery disease, GERD, and Hernias. Self-esteem is also affected when dealing with obesity. People tend to feel less of themselves when there is more of them. Many people make fun of people with more weight, which affects the esteem of the obese people, especially the opposite sex. Then in turn the obese person feels less of themselves and destroys there mental health. For most obese people makes them eat more to try and feel better.
Finally how to stop obesity, well the first thing is people should exercise more, like a simple walk or a bike ride or something. I think people are a million times lazier then people from 1000 years ago, I just think it’s stupid. I know some people do exercise and stay the weight that they are but then there must be something else that you’re not doing. I think people shouldn’t use cars as much as they do. I mean if you’re going to go somewhere in town and you’re not even going that far then I think you should just walk or bike or something. The only time you need a car is if you’re going from one town to the other or if you live in a big city or if your going to get groceries and you need somewhere to put it all. Another thing we can do to help obesity is eating healthier, the food people make today might be tasty but you need some self control and eat a fruit or something. I don’t get why people don’t eat stuff that is loaded with calories, fats, and carbs. There are so many foods that are tasty and that are health for us. Maybe people are just too lazy to try new foods. Encouraging people to lose weight is another thing we can do, I mean give the people some support and understanding. A little help can go so far, there shouldn’t be any making fun of people for being over weight. I don’t even see how it’s funny, I hate it when I see people making fun of someone just because there big. I mean if you’re making fun of them because there mean or something then I wouldn’t care. But if they didn’t do anything, then that’s just ridiculous. Parents play a big role the problem; they kind of start your eating habits. So if they eat unhealthy food and feed unhealthy foods to us we’re probably going to grow up and do the same just because that’s all we know. Some people don’t even think about it when they pick food out because that’s what their parents got when they were kids. People should start good health habits at a younger age, because it’s really hard to break bad habits, once they have developed for so many years.
So we talked about reasons for obesity, reasons it’s bad, and what we can do to stop it. Just because we’re named generation obese doesn’t mean we still can’t turn it around. The only thing you can help others it to just be supportive and understanding.

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