May 7, 2010
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Over three billion people live on a budget less than $ 2.50 cents a day. Poverty is gradually increasing at a rapid speed. Poverty is like a drug; you try to get rid of all the torment and struggle of the addiction but it still lingers in your mind day in and day out. Mostly everybody has money troubles that they can not face alone, so that is why these factors of poverty need to be fixed so that we can make a better place. People, Living Areas, expectations are all part of our economic problems.
The citizens in our everyday society are struggling with the world wide epidemic that is causing many people to starve and lose their living residence. People impact society when they are too sick to work. Another factor is that most do not have the proper education to get a good paying job so they have to live on a poor salary. Nearly a billion people enter the 21st century unable to read or write their names. Most of the population is in deep debt because of these matters and slowly more are joining them in their fight to save what they have worked for all of these years.
Age is a very problematic with money related issues. According to the UNICEF 25,000 children die each day do to poverty. The majority of the people who are living in poverty are under the legal working age so they can not support their family’s needs. The people have a lot to do with poverty so does the living area as well. The living in poor areas has a big impact on poverty some of which are not the best to call home.
Where there are poor living areas they don’t have very many resources and don’t have very good job opportunities or education. The average homes are very put together and have good education and have many more resources than the people would in poor environments. In the upper class they have immaculate houses and have exceedingly high job opportunities and education placements. So in order to provide more for the people and their living areas we should use high expectations to do so. In having expectations it is something that we are required to do it is something that helps people who need it the most.

One expectation is to give money to charity and non profit organizations. The second one is earned income tax which is where you help people who are struggling with money situations; it is where you would provide five dollars for every one dollar that has already been provided by the traditional welfare program as told by the professor Scott Allard from the University of Chicago. All of these expectations influence us to make who is a change for the people in poor countries who are suffering. People , living areas, and expectations are all apart of our every day society.

Poverty is like a drug it is a world wide epidemic that needs to change for the better. Over three billion people live on less than $ 2.50 a day and the number keeps decreasing. With your help we can all make this world a brighter future for us and all the future generations to come.

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