why should people recycle?

May 7, 2010
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If the world wants to have a more efficient economy, everyone needs to do they’re part in this world by recycling everything they can. Recycling is most definitely worth all the time and labor put in to it to reduce the amount of “non biodegradable” products. Paper, aluminum and glass are the three main objects we need to recycle in order to keep the economy under control.

According to “Paper Recycling Facts” if everyone recycled “one run” of the New York Times newspaper after reading it, the US alone would save 75,000 trees; that is outstanding. In one day saving that many trees is tremendous. I would really like to see that happen because if we did save 75,000 trees in one day that would save a lot of extra replanting. The forest these days are diminishing so quickly, it’s unbelievable. After the loggers cut down a tree they plant four more trees in its place, this is a great way to keep the amount of trees growing, but very slowly. It takes 500,000 trees to be cut down to print enough paper for “one run” (one total day of printed newspapers) of sunday papers all around the US. People really need to start thinking seriously about how many trees we use in a day, our trees may be lost in the next 60 years. This is what’s going to happen if we all don’t recycle what we do not use.

It is so great that aluminum can be recycled, an infinity amount of times without even destroying the product; it has an endless amount of times of recycles to turn it back into what it is needed for. From “Aluminum Recycling Facts” at www.recycling-revolution.com, after a pack of cans is bought from a liquor store is drank all gone and thrown away in the can dumpster, it takes 60 days to be crushed and recycled down to reform new pop cans and be placed right back on the same shelf in the store. That really makes me think that we have a great aluminum recycling business and hard workers to make that will come true.

Recycling glass can be very effective and product-able because by recycling glass it saves that glass that may be thrown away, but when people are building new house which has been happening a lot in the past few years, needs windows to be put in. So in my opinion the demand for windows in the economy has gone up a noticeable amount. www.ehow.com/how_9162_recycle-glass says that every single day in the United States that there are over 13 million glass jars recycled. There are so many different glass objects that can be recycled which should mean there is a bigger range of what people should be looking for in their home to be recycled, to help reduce the cost for making glass. From pop bottles, food container, liquor bottles, china hutch glass, jewelry, to vases are just among the very large amount of different types of glass objects that can be recycled. Now this is a great fact, “All About Recycled Glass”, www.uppergywnedd.org, there is 14-20% less air pollution by processing recycled glass back into other glass, rather than making glass all the way from the start without having material to use like recycled glass.

Paper, aluminum and glass are of the many items that are needed to be recycled each day to help save the bad US economy. There is a way of being “economically efficient” and that’s only by Recycle Reduce and Reuse. I challenge everyone to try and go out today and recycle something, see trash on the ground and throw it away or apply at a recycling center to help your city. ‘Save the World” “Go Green”!

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Tony said...
May 25, 2010 at 9:23 am
I think that what you wrote is very true and you are completely right it is honest and true.
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