Positive even in sadness

May 6, 2010
By Mariileyni BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
Mariileyni BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
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I believe in god because he’s with you when you need him the most. I believe in god because even through I was having a difficult time he was there with me. I was sad meanwhile. I was happy because he was in peace.

I remember when I went to my grandfather’s funeral. That day was horrible for me because I had to experience the loss of one member of my family and it was the first time I really felt in my own flesh how horrible it was, I can remember how all of us were remembering him and crying at the same time, oh my god it was very painful I never thought it could happen to me because when you are 8 years old you do not think of it, but once you experience it your life can charge and also your thoughts could make you feel a nature person. He looked really pale like ashes.

Horrible because, the day he had the accident he was going to visit my aunt to spend sometime with the family, especially with his grandson that was arranging a birthday party. After he had the accident he survived for 12 hours but none of could talk to him, because nobody knew what happened to him, while he was in the hospital he was mentioning my aunt’s name and my father’s name trust me that was sad. Nobody knew that he was preparing a surprise for his grandson’s party.

At the same time it had positive charges because the family learned to say together no matter what, and our relationship became stronger. Now we had to learn to survive without him and be brave to face everything that could come to us, we demonstrated one to another how important the family is and we had faith in god that was the most important, also we learned that god stands for those who need him and listen attentively to prayers.

My life change changed because I realized that we can lose our life inexpertly, and that we had to appreciate every moment of our live, and live to the last minute. Those are reasons why I believe that god is with me because, he gives me the strength and understating that everything happens for a reason! This is what I believe!

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