i cant live with out my mom

May 6, 2010

I believe in bonds. A Bond is a relationship of trust, friendship, love, and the most important for me attachment, and attachment (bond) is what I have with my Mother that I can’t live with out her.

I remember when my mom left home everything started when I was 6 years old in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic in the beginning of August.

I remember that I was resting and my grandma went to all the room individually and woke up my big sister , my big brother , my twin and me . And then all of us went to the living room and she gave us the awful news that my mom was leaving to United States so that could have a better life.

I remember that I was so sad, my heart was broken and I felt as if somebody ripped my heart like somebody ripped a dollar or somebody just hit my heart with a hammer.
I remember when my Mom was walking by the door and I held her leg so she couldn’t go. My mom was saying “don’t cry baby because I am leaving you because you and your bother and sisters want to have a better life, and if I leave I can give you that life that you want”.

I remember that my mom was wearing red ruby lipstick, a pink dress, and perfume that smell like roses, and also carried two black suit cases a big one an a small one.

I remember we went to the airport in a big car meanwhile I was eating Oreos.

I remember that before my Mom passed through the security door I was crying and my tears were so much that they were making a sea.

I remember when my mom finally passed through the security door; I realized that I can’t live without her.

I remember that before I never show to her my feeling like that, and in that moment I show to her that I can’t live without her.

Sometimes people don’t show their feeling to a person even though they love them and the same occurred to me. I just wait into something really sad take place
So that I can realize that I can’t live with out my mom this is what I believe.

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thecrasienzz said...
Jun. 11, 2010 at 12:22 pm
i like this story
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