Hey Future You

May 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Future Self,

Man I've worked hard for you to become successful. I deserve a special award or something. I had to endure twelve years of schooling just to get you to the next step...College. Man you better consider yourself very lucky to have a younger you like me, someone who is on track, knows what he wants to do, and loves to make money. Now hopefully you're not still working at that bbq place I been working at for the last two years of my high school years. How embarrasing would that be?

Back to the tast at hand, its now up to you to become even more successful and make the big bucks. Remember you still have to buy mom that house I been promising her when ever I made it big. Do you still remember when we (meaning the younger you, which is me!) wanted to make it big playing football? Boy we were great, I just don't know how my dreams for you changed from playing ball to just going to college and going for your masters. Off the serious note, with all this school of course you're going to need some R & R (after studying and all the homework is finished). And that's where the girls come into play. I've been told that there is a VARIETY of lovely ladies to occupy your free time in college, and knowing you, you're probably smiling from ear to ear! But you must remember young grass hopper, its clearly about education. If yhou keep this in mind you'll be fine. Talk to you laer.

Your Younger You,

Wright age 18

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