A Vision of Hell MAG

By Diana M., Peoria, AZ

   Yesterday I renewed my permit at the DMV. Oh,you've never heard of renewing a driving permit? Well, neither had the people whoworked there.

"So, you want to renew your permit, right?" thelady behind the desk shouted at the top of her lungs, as if trying to drawattention to me. "And you're gonna be 18 in two months, is that right?"I nodded, keeping my head down to hide my blushing face. "Well, here, take anumber and you'll be called shortly," she chortled with a biggrin.

Like I didn't know what she was thinking, what everyone in thebuilding was thinking - What a loser! So, I waited in those hard, plastic,stick-to-your-bottom-when-it's-hot seats for my name to be called. All the whileI was arguing with my grandma about why I had to renew my permit when I couldjust get my license. Oh, what a fun bunch. My grandma won't let me get my licensebecause she says I'm not ready, while my grandpa yells at me for taking too long.Where's the communication, people?!

An hour later they finally called myname. By then I was angry, tired and argumentative. The lady at the desk exudedthe same attitude.

"So, you want to renew your permit. Well, okay,let me check everything here. Your grandma and grandpa are your legal guardians,is that right?" Oh, no, we had forgotten the legal guardian papers. How wasI going to cover for that?

I blurted out, "Uh, well, yes, but we,well, we forgot the papers." Now I remembered that I'd needed those papersthe first time I got my permit. Why didn't I think of thatbefore?

"You have to have the papers again so I can issue you arenewed permit." She emphasized the words "renewed permit." Whydid everyone keep doing that?

"Listen, I'll make you a deal,"she said. "Next time you come in, get an 'F' number and you won't have towait so long. Also, come back before your permit expires, which is in two days.Have a nice day."

So I went back two days later. Yes, I am aprocrastinator. I got an "F" number and, guess what? I had to waitlonger than if I'd had a regular number. Finally they called me up. I had thepapers and was ready to go.

"Do you want to take a newpicture?" the timid lady behind the large counter asked. "No," Isaid abruptly. I just want the little number in the right hand corner to read:Expires August 30, 2001, I thought. I'll write it in myself if it'll be faster.Just give me the damn ...

"Here you go, Diana, here's your newpermit," she whispered. I grabbed it ungraciously and thought, Getting yourpermit or license is supposed to be a joyful experience, a coming of age. But avisit to the DMV is a trip to hell. I have seen the devil, and he works for theDepartment of Motor Vehicles.

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