I’m driving in my car

October 13, 2007
By Madison Kelley, Seward, NE

I’m driving in my car, going someplace unimportant to me but I still must go there. The radio is on but I’m not paying attention much to it. I come to a stop sign and not wanting to get hit by on coming traffic, I stop. I sit there for a second and listen to the barely audible song on the radio. It isn’t my favorite song, but a good one none the less, so I turn it up. My head starts to bob to the beat of the bass and drums, and I sing along. Suddenly my entire body is moving while I sing my heart out to this song about love and hate, drugs and sex, life and death. But I am not singing the words of the song; I am singing the words of my life. I sing about the guy I love with all my heart, those people who hate me, the drugs that I had the chance to try, sex that no one knows or cares about, the future of my life, and the death that I will never escape. When the song is over and the music stops, my body doesn’t for a minute because my song is not over. It never is. Everyone has their own song, the one that they dance to and sing along with for the rest of their lives. It only ends when their life is over. My song will one day end, and who ever reads this, theirs will to. Make sure you never stop dancing or singing while the song is still playing. You will always regret if you do. Dance as long as you can and sing as loud as possible. Promise yourself this right now. I have. My song still plays and I dance and sing all day long. I stop dancing in my seat and put my hands back on the wheel. Traffic clears just enough for me to cross the road, so I start out into the road, not knowing the there is a truck turning the corner towards me at the same time...

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