October 13, 2007
A word that many use. A word that hurts and sometimes people abuse. A word we all sometimes use. When people say the word FOREVER it's like a promise they know that they can't keep but, still sounds good. It's almostas bad as mistrust or dishonesty. It's a word that many use. It's a word that hurts and that people sometimes abuse. It's a promising word that never comes to an end because, forever really, forever has and will never have a true end. Which means my love for you, will never come to an end and when Isay FOREVER I know the meaning so, I am promising and this promise I shall keep, forever you shale be, forever I will love. My love for you shall never come to and in because, my love is forever, they are exactly the same, except my love is tamed. I know that this sounds corny and possibly even lame but, my love will last as long as forever and forever is eternity so, our love and forever truely don't ever come to an end.

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