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May 4, 2010
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When my parents lived in Baku, Azerbaijan, with my brother who was 3 months old at that time. A war began, and they decided it would be best if they move to the United States. This was a very hard decision to make; leaving their families meant everything to them. They also knew that raising my brother and I by the American way would be very different.

This decision affected me in good ways and bad. Growing up without my whole family meant that I couldn’t make the bonds with my relatives that most children had the chance to do. Also not having any other family members to rely on except for my mom, my dad, and my brother meant that I had more respect for them. Because I knew that their all I have, and if I lose one of them, there will be an even bigger gap in my life. I usually visit my family in Kaluga, Russia every two years for about 2 weeks and a half. When I get there I feel like this is how it’s supposed to be, my whole family sitting at the dining room table eating homemade meals and talking to each other in person, this means everything to me. But when I leave I remember that this might be the last time I see a grandparent or a great aunt/uncle.

The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia destroyed many lives and families. It all began when the two countries were fighting over land, and decided that anyone who is Armenian and is living in Azerbaijan will be killed, and vice versa. This new rule divested my mom’s side of the family because they are Armenian, and living in Azerbaijan. But my dad’s side of the family is Russian. To escape the war, my family decided to move to Moscow, Russia. They lived there for two years, and that’s when my mom and dad made the decision that changed their lives forever, to move to America with my brother (already 3 years old at this time). But my relatives decided to stay in Russia. After 4 years of living in America, I was then born in 1996.

My parent’s decision of moving to America really did change my life, and my brothers. My parents planned out our futures so that we could be successful and live our lives to the fullest. When they came here they knew that living in America would be a challenge, but they had to be strong because if something went wrong they didn’t have a safety net. But I know that living here and going to school here will give me more opportunities in life. Living without my relatives reminds me that everyone close to u is important, even if they live on the other side of the world. Even though I don’t have my family here with me, I always know that they are thinking of me.

My family will always be at my side no matter what happens or how far away they are from me. Even though I only get to see them every two years, they are still a big part of my life.

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