when being compared to your siblings

May 4, 2010
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Being compared to my sister all the time is annoying. Especially when I’m compared to my sister, I feel I’m being taken for granted. Everybody says my sister is prettier than me. I feel insignificant.
In the 6th grade, my sister and I were competing to see who was prettier than the other one. We asked all our best friends who was prettier. Everybody of our friends was said that she was prettier. That ruined my whole day. It wasn’t fair.
Everyone enjoys being around my sister because she’s not mean like I am. Everyone thinks she’s prettier than me because she wears better clothes and she accessorizes better with her jewelry. People tell my sister that I have a mean-mugging problem so people issues with me. People also tend to think she acts and looks older than me because I play too much and she wears glasses. I act retarded most of the time.
When people say my twin sister is prettier or smarter. It makes me feel sad for myself. It made me feel worthless and I have no purpose in the world. It made me so mad that I wanted to beat somebody up. I can’t stand feeling worthless. I can’t love myself. My math teacher would always ask me questions about her all the time and I would always get annoyed with her. So one day a student told me that every time she thought of my twin sister and I, she always thought of me, but she could never remember my twin sister. She made me so happy that day.
That student helped me to realize that I am important. There was no point in me being mad anymore. My twin sister may be prettier and smarter than m, but I shouldn’t worry about because I can be pretty and smart in my own way. I may not be all those things, but I can still love myself the way I am and how I was made.

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