Rasicm needs to stop

May 4, 2010
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Have you ever been picked on because of what race you are?Imagine a little boy/girl who has to switch schools just because he/she is getting picked on because they are of a diffrent race from some of the kids at the school.

All around the world children big or small,some times even adults are getting made fun because some pepole dont like the race they come from.Some of the people get hurt alot from there remarks and comments on them,i was once picked on because i was mexican.Some kids don't want to go to school anymore as a result from this,sometimes they even want to change there race.Alot of time these kids are scared for life.Sadly to say this issue is not only in the U.S.A,but every where around the world.

"All men are created equally..." that is clearly writen in the constitutions,but yet some people dont think that every man that is not the same race as them are equall.Kids from all over the world get racisest remarks.Kids often do this to be funny,to make people like them,or because they see this in public or even from there own parents.Sadly,we cannot stop this issue no matter what we try to do.People don't know how serious rasicm has gotten.People have been turned down great thing in life such as a great job,and for what?Just because they were a diffrent from them.

Even though we cannot stop rasicm,we should at least try.If we were to stop rasicm poeple would be able to get better jobs than they do,some children will get a better education.Despite over three decades of a concerted effort to rectify past racial injustices, race remains a crucial issue of American society.If there was no rasicm,we wouldn't be having as much problems in the world.

As long as there are people in the world there will always be rasicm,dont be discrouraged.

In 7th grade when i was getting picked on because i was mexican,it tought me a valuable lesson.We will not be able to stop rasicm if we wanted to,so the best thing to do is dont me discouraged and the most important thing,just ignor the comments.

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