May 4, 2010
By KidX96 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
KidX96 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:

“Treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

Treat others with respect. That’s a motto everyone should hold on to. That way, nobody would cause anyone else harm or pain and they would all be friendly to one another. For me, I try to stick to that saying as much as possible.

Being respectful to others has been very helpful to me. During elementary school, I was very weak and small. Bullies I met were cruel to me, and everyone else was a stranger. So I did the only thing I could do, which was act nice. That way, I understood everyone’s thoughts and moods, so I could know how to avoid provoking them. Also, I made many friends that actually liked me and bullies weren’t a problem anymore. Being nice may not have gotten everyone to stop picking on me, but everyone else did. So in the end, respecting others has gotten me out of a scary situation of a bully-filled school.

Treating others cruelly and with no respect hasn’t helped the world at all. If the people on this planet were a little nicer, then there wouldn’t have been so many wars in history. Since the nineteenth century, there have been five wars that America has been in, two being worldwide. These wars are the two world wars, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and the fight in Iraq. The world wars were due to hatred and corruption, while the wars in Vietnam and Iraq were due to oppression. All of these wars ended in bloodshed and mass destruction. Even though many brave soldiers fought to end the war, they wouldn’t have had to fight and kill if everyone respected and cooperated with each other. So in these last one hundred years, disrespect, cruelty, and violence were solved by even more bloodshed, more violence, and weapons while a little understanding between each other would have worked just as well.

I believe that cruelty and deception is wrong. It wouldn’t be right to deceive anyone or treat them in any horrible way because if we did, then there would be no trust, hospitality, and the planet would be filled with chaos and violence as humans are being killed by the dozen. The terrifying truth is that most of this is happening, that many people are dying, being cruelly treated, and being unfairly cheated by dirty lies. If we really want to make world peace, then everyone should try to at least an honest life, along with respecting the lives of other human beings. It may be hard to bite down those vile and greedy feelings and not listen to them, but temptations can be held back. I have attempted to live an honest life without sins, and so far only a few are holding me back. So if I can live life respecting others and kindly most of the time, then so can you. If you don’t let go of all of the dark thoughts clouding up your mind, then history will become a repeat of its violent past. So although some people are hard to respect, you should always see the best from others and act nice anyway.

Treat everyone you meet nicely. Although it would do a lot of good for the world, it isn’t easy to respect your enemies, as well treat them kindly and turn them into friends. But even with such a cruel history like ours, hope and goodwill is out there as well as corruption. So although it’s hard to like those you hate, enemies shouldn’t be made, so treat everyone like you would treat yourself.

The author's comments:
This was for my 8th grade English class.

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