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May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Think things out before you make a decision.

One time, in one of my classes I had to take a test. Everyone in my class always wanted to be the first one to finish. I rushed through the test so that I could finish first. I had expected to get a good grade even though I had rushed. Instead I had received one of the lowest grades in my class. If I had thought about the all of the outcomes of the situation I would have realized how foolish rushing on a test is. Taking time to think before you make a decision gives you time to see things that you did not before. Many times, I regret the decisions that I have made in the past and wish that I could go back and change it. At the time it seems like the right choice because I had not took the time to think before acting. Also I might say mean things to people that I regret after saying it, but it is too late.
In the past, leaders have made mistakes from only expecting everything to go their way without having a plan if the worst outcome had happened. In the Civil war, both Union and Confederates had believed that the war was going to be short. Based on this prediction they had only prepared for a shoot war. The war actually ended up lasted over four years and a
huge loss of money and soldiers. If they had taken more thought, they might have seen that it would be smarter for them to prepare for a long war because they cannot always be accurate about the future. Looking at history, show you that not always did people make the right decisions.

After looking at the decisions of others in the past and experiencing my own, I now take time to think about how making the decision would change the outcome. I always prepare for the worst outcomes. Even though you would like things to happen your way life is not always like that. Even in small decisions that seem like it would not affect anything I still think before I make the choice. By doing this I will no longer regret decisions that I make.

In life you should always look at the good and bad outcomes of things. Because if the worst happens and you were not prepared. You will not be able to handle it. But you can never always make the right choices because you do not know what the future holds for you.

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